Vision: Prosperity, preserving heritage and social cohesion through arts and culture.

We are of the view that art development should not only consider an interdisciplinary arts approach, but also the interest and diverse learning lifestyle of the pupils. The Web encourages the facilitation of motivational learning matter based on student interest and learning lifestyle. Another approach we have taken is the mentoring method where compatible primary schools will be paired with high school pupils, artistic problem solving skills.

The Web's research methodology which was based on semi-structured, open minded questions with teachers, parents and pupils, they have admitted that their learners enjoyed practical work more and did not particularly like theoretical work. The teachers recommended the use of musical and plays that integrate music, dance, drama, and visual arts. Through our Art rich development projects we have introduced extra mural activities such as storytelling ensembles and visual arts, poetry and dance societies to give learners free creative reign and opportunity to hone their artistic skills.


The aims of Amaciko AseMpendle are to be able to transfer skill and knowledge which include the objective that children will express themselves creatively and imaginatively.

The children highlighted specific areas they were interested in, but were not given opportunities to acquire the skills. The Web has made provision to facilitate the skill transfer which emphasises that it would enable the child to explore alternative ways of communicating with others. It will encourage ideas that are personal and inventive and makes a vital contribution to the development of a range of intelligence.

DRAMA:  Skills in acting and more plays to be staged in schools and in the community.

DANCE:  Skills in choreography and not just imagine, practice.

POETRY: Clear guidance on how to write, read and recite poetry and praise poetry.

SINGING: Encourage creativity and innovation.

PRAISE POETRY: Skills in enhancing simulative thinking and historical event that lead to praise poetry is invaluable in promoting capabilities and adaptability in preserving our indigenous history.

The Web's art learning development clinics project involves skilled, professional artist of all disciplines who are well established and has load of experience in art. Our project ranges from once-off visits, through more extended programmes, to intensive, collaborate projects, artist, art organisations, pupils, and teachers to work together to create arts experience that enrich and support the core educational mission of the school. The Web practice enriches the lives of all the children, particularly in nurturing the developing the minds and imaginations of the children.

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