Developing young sporting talent to take its rightful place in the competitive sport and in mainstream provincial and national leagues and events.

We are of the view that the solutions in our communities are the infusion of the spirit of responsibility. We have developed a comprehensive potent and officious production for art enthusiast and offer them different mind-sets of books, music, and drama. Introducing the spirit of responsibility and compassion will therefore elimination the poor societal challenges in our communities and all that goes with it.

Vision 2030

Over the next 10 years, The Web will invest over R2Million worth of infrastructure in rural libraries, recreational facilities, in different schools and communities through partnerships with commercial businesses and organisation. The partnership offers a great opportunity for companies to participate as part of the Corporate Social Investment and engage both their staff and the communities in which many are located to deliver meaningful and sustainable change to all South Africans.

To change society, we have to change individuals. Just as if we want to change the properties of a building we have to change the bricks. Throughout the history of nations, there are no nations that have been rooted in the culture of its people. The pride and spirit of UBUNTU - UBUNTU has transcended time and changed circumstances and still imbues hundreds of thousands of African's and even other nations.

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