As a literacy advocacy, we have realised the need for the integration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in order to enhance the learning experience. Project TOBETSA aims to equip rural school Library & Information Services with ICT
infrastructure in order to bridge the digital divide that exists between urban and rural areas. The ultimate goal of the project is to teach the rural child the skills of the 21 st century that open not only educational opportunities but social and economic opportunities too.

Through Project TOBETSA, school libraries will be equipped with computers and/or handheld devices that are connected to the internet as informed by a school-specific needs assessment.


Realise the potential of digital technologies to enhance the learning experience such that pupils and teachers alike become engaged thinkers, active learners, knowledge constructors and global citizens that participate fully in the society and economy.


The mission of Siyafunda Donate-A-Book and Project TOBETSA is to equip rural schools with the necessary ICT Infrastructure in order to
enhance the rural child’s learning experience and also afford the rural child the opportunity to compete in the global knowledge economy.
Through Project TOBETSA, Siyafunda Donate-A-Book aims to:

  • Bridge the digital divide that exists between urban and rural
  • Establish school LIS that promotes and inspire curious minds
  • Strengthen its existing Donate-A-Book programme
  • Teach the rural child information technology skills
  • Provide internet access to the rural community through schools
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  • Date : December 20, 2017